Saturday, July 15, 2006


New Friends And Old!

I have been very busy with many friends. I have had so many new guys calling me.
I love all my Sissy boys seem to be on the rise and I love that. I'm into many kinks you boys have. I love dressing some of you up and sending you out on little errands. I love how most of you enjoy them or find them humiliating and I know some enjoy that too.

I want to hear from some of you big hunky boys too. I love big horny guys as much or more than my sissies. I don't want you to feel left

I love my cucks also. I can be very domineering and love making you perform for mine and my friends amusement. I love having my girls over and putting a little sissy or cuck thru your paces. Modeling girly clothes and playing with toys for us.

Come on boys call SensuousSam now! 1 800 TO FLIRT Ext.#0481828 or

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