Thursday, June 29, 2006


Feeling lonely!

I know you guys are feeling lonely now. You have to be horny too!

Weekend here and you're needing to relax. I know you need to get off.

You can share your secret fantasy's with me babe. I love to get kinky with you.

I love hearing your deep dark secrets or fantasy's. We can even think up a few new So call me and share your experiences or dreams.

If you need some advice or training I'm here for that too.

I've been hearing from a lot of my sissy's.

Call 1 800 TO FLIRT Ext.0497885 or


SensuousSam a Mistress for all men!

SensuousSam a Mistress for all men!


Feeling Lonely!

I know you guys must be lonely. I'm waiting to fullfil your fantasy's for you.
I love to get kinky with a horny guy. We can discuss what you're thinking about or we can find a new turn on for you to indulge in.
I know you guys have many secrets you're dying to tell me all about.
So call me and tell me or fantasize about a new kink. I am very open to new things with you horny guys.
I love discussing cocks, all shapes, sizes and colors.
Come on guys it's Friday and the begining of a long weekend. Let's start it off right! Right now!
Call and let's get you off real good to relax you babe.
1 800 TO FLIRT

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


SensuousSam a Mistress for all men!

SensuousSam a Mistress for all men!


A sexy pic for my fetish boys!

I know my fetish boys like to see other pics besides my pretty face. My little panty guys, my shoe/foot fetish guys and just horny guys in general. I have many kinky sides and intend to explore them all. More pics coming soon boys.


A mature Mistress

I finally got this blog figured think. I hope to hear from many of you guys. Old and new friends. You guys know where to reach me for our naughty talks. Call me at 1 800 TO FLIRT Ext.#0497885 or visit me at

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