Thursday, January 31, 2008



Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Lazy hazy days of summer.

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I have something for you horny guys to wet Try me baby.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Old Friends Are Great!

I had an old friend visit from out of town. We went over to the beach for a few days. We didn't see the beach except at night after it cooled down.Lol. We stayed in our room and our king sized bed all day. I bet you can guess what we were We ordered in from room service when our hunger got too bad. The maids were a little peeved because we didn't want to let them in to change our sheets.

They did need changing lol. The air-conditioning got a good work-out because it stayed hot in that room. I had almost forgot how good that man could be all day and all He refreshed my memory very well too. Our old affai was rekindled and was even better than we remembered. There was nothing old about our performance either lol. When they say sex gets better with age knew what they were talking about.

It's a good thing he could only stay a few days because I'm not sure we could have lasted much longer at our pace. Too bad he only gets to my area a few times a year. I'm already wishing for his next visit.

All I need now is a few new friends to hold me over until that next time. Any takers? Lmao. I guess I'll have to make due with my phone sex calls until then.

Call me baby. I'm ready and waiting for YOU!
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Men Are Great!

Men are great! A man I met a couple of times and had fun with has looked me up. Things have really heated up again between us. It seems better than last time. We had great sex but now it seems like he is addicted to I am not far behind either lol.
He calls me or emails me everyday. He always instant messages me at night for a nice long chat. So I am the last thought he has before crawling into his bed. He says it makes for some restless sleep too. Lol. I love hearing he can't sleep for his erotic thoughts about me. I have been having some naughty thoughts and dreams about us too.
Our problem is we live about 5 hours drive apart. So that makes for the difficulty of our meeting often. Well if absense makes the heart grow fonder what the other "organs"? Lol. I know it makes thing grow "harder". He has a trip planned for October but I'm sure we can't wait that long. One of us has to make that drive sooner so we can quench this thirst we have for each other. I know it's much more than a thirst, it's a fire burning out of control now. Boy addictions are hell!

Saturday, July 15, 2006


New Friends And Old!

I have been very busy with many friends. I have had so many new guys calling me.
I love all my Sissy boys seem to be on the rise and I love that. I'm into many kinks you boys have. I love dressing some of you up and sending you out on little errands. I love how most of you enjoy them or find them humiliating and I know some enjoy that too.

I want to hear from some of you big hunky boys too. I love big horny guys as much or more than my sissies. I don't want you to feel left

I love my cucks also. I can be very domineering and love making you perform for mine and my friends amusement. I love having my girls over and putting a little sissy or cuck thru your paces. Modeling girly clothes and playing with toys for us.

Come on boys call SensuousSam now! 1 800 TO FLIRT Ext.#0481828 or

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Feeling lonely!

I know you guys are feeling lonely now. You have to be horny too!

Weekend here and you're needing to relax. I know you need to get off.

You can share your secret fantasy's with me babe. I love to get kinky with you.

I love hearing your deep dark secrets or fantasy's. We can even think up a few new So call me and share your experiences or dreams.

If you need some advice or training I'm here for that too.

I've been hearing from a lot of my sissy's.

Call 1 800 TO FLIRT Ext.0497885 or


SensuousSam a Mistress for all men!

SensuousSam a Mistress for all men!


Feeling Lonely!

I know you guys must be lonely. I'm waiting to fullfil your fantasy's for you.
I love to get kinky with a horny guy. We can discuss what you're thinking about or we can find a new turn on for you to indulge in.
I know you guys have many secrets you're dying to tell me all about.
So call me and tell me or fantasize about a new kink. I am very open to new things with you horny guys.
I love discussing cocks, all shapes, sizes and colors.
Come on guys it's Friday and the begining of a long weekend. Let's start it off right! Right now!
Call and let's get you off real good to relax you babe.
1 800 TO FLIRT

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


SensuousSam a Mistress for all men!

SensuousSam a Mistress for all men!


A sexy pic for my fetish boys!

I know my fetish boys like to see other pics besides my pretty face. My little panty guys, my shoe/foot fetish guys and just horny guys in general. I have many kinky sides and intend to explore them all. More pics coming soon boys.


A mature Mistress

I finally got this blog figured think. I hope to hear from many of you guys. Old and new friends. You guys know where to reach me for our naughty talks. Call me at 1 800 TO FLIRT Ext.#0497885 or visit me at

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