Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Men Are Great!

Men are great! A man I met a couple of times and had fun with has looked me up. Things have really heated up again between us. It seems better than last time. We had great sex but now it seems like he is addicted to me..lol. I am not far behind either lol.
He calls me or emails me everyday. He always instant messages me at night for a nice long chat. So I am the last thought he has before crawling into his bed. He says it makes for some restless sleep too. Lol. I love hearing he can't sleep for his erotic thoughts about me. I have been having some naughty thoughts and dreams about us too.
Our problem is we live about 5 hours drive apart. So that makes for the difficulty of our meeting often. Well if absense makes the heart grow fonder what the other "organs"? Lol. I know it makes thing grow "harder". He has a trip planned for October but I'm sure we can't wait that long. One of us has to make that drive sooner so we can quench this thirst we have for each other. I know it's much more than a thirst, it's a fire burning out of control now. Boy addictions are hell!

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